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 3D That! – Get into three dimensions

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PostSubyek: 3D That! – Get into three dimensions   Thu 3 May - 16:13


Show off your 3D work with this Action in the comments! you’ll be featured underneath this header! Yeah!
* Awesome Job by Rgre1
* Javi Logo by 9executives
* FXD Logo by aisaac
* Check! by philly302crush

You want to create 3d images but don’t have the skills to use any 3d modeling program/software? But you do have to skills to install a Photoshop Action and click the play button? Well, then you are the perfect candidate to use this amazing easy to use Photoshop three-dimensional (3D) action!
With just one click on the button you can easily turn any shape/layer/text or whatever you like into a 3D image on high resolution! I would just say… 3D IT!
Get ready to generate your own 3D images!

This file can be easily used and installed in Adobe Photoshop CS or higher. The ATN & PSD contain:
* 2000×2000 psd file (Sample to try).
* Highest detail possible
* Easily turn images, shapes, texts into 3D
* Nicely named and sorted layers
* Turn everything you like into clean 3D graphics. (RZDESIGN Style!)
* Awesome feeling & quality (right?)
* Also possible to create pressed graphics!
* It will use the colors from your main image to generate the 3D effect(s)! Ain’t that awesome?!

You can simulate a pressure effect as well! Just keep the whole canvas filled with a color and cut the shape you want to get pressed from it. Then follow the tutorial!

http://www.media*fire.com/?olg66wtwvq6g0e3 Girang

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3D That! – Get into three dimensions

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