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 How to Eliminate Acne Naturally

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PostSubyek: How to Eliminate Acne Naturally   Thu 17 Sep - 18:56

How to Eliminate Acne - face can often cause problems for us, one of them is facial acne. Acne to make us confident when hanging out with friends, or even gebetan. And often we are upset and want to cover your face when meeting with others so that acne is not visible.

But acne is not just cause problems when the onset of course, but the scars too. Although we've managed to cure acne on the face, but there is no doubt there are acne scars that could be considered stubborn. Then what should we do to get rid of acne and scars? Soon we will discuss in this article.

How to get rid of acne is very much coveted by everyone, especially women. However, the fast pace and practically makes people prefer chemical treatment. Not surprisingly, we see a lot of scattered acne medications on the market to target patients with these criteria. But it helps if you prefer to remove acne scars naturally and which does not cause side effects, either to your face or your body. But before we get to the core material, it helps us find information on the facts about acne itself.

How to Eliminate Acne Naturally

1. Using honey
Honey is one of the herbal remedies that we can use to combat acne that appear on our faces. Honey has a very high antibiotic substances which can help prevent infection and healing process of the skin. But you need to remember, if you use this method and even your skin feel itchy or red, then do not [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] because you including sensitive skin. How to use it simply by applying honey on a clean swab. Then put on your acne like being in a compress. Allow approximately 30 minutes and after completion rinse with clean water.

2. Using lemon
How to get rid of acne naturally is to use lemon. Fruits rich in vitamin C is very powerful eradicate acne arises. Buy a lemon in the market and do not try to use bottled lemon because it is mixed with other chemicals. For how to use itself is quite squeeze of lemon juice to taste, then wipe with a cotton swab. Do this at bedtime and rinse the next day.

3. Using garlic
Garlic is a multifunctional substance, as antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, and antiseptic. Garlic is very effective to remove acne and ordinary stone in the face. The content of sulfur contained in garlic that helped overcome the acne problem. As for how to use it simply cut 1 clove of garlic in half and rub it on stubborn acne on your face. Let stand for approximately 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. It regularly intervenes to shrink acne.

4. Using tomatoes
As we already know, the tomato is a material often used for natural facial masks. Tomatoes are indeed considered from antiquity can soften the face because they contain vitamins A and C is excellent to help reduce acne. You simply prepare fresh tomato slices, then cover on your acne. Allow approximately 10-15 minutes. Perform these steps regularly to pimples disappear fast. But if you have stubborn acne and inflamed, make the tomato as a mask by means of blending without using water. Let stand 20-30 minutes on the face and then rinse thoroughly.
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heeh... kumaha maneh weh.. Tidur

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How to Eliminate Acne Naturally

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